Generate a report by action (Cancelled, Frozen, or Suspended). ).  Allows you to see how many contracts have been canceled, suspended, or frozen within the selected date range.



Click on the Reports Link

Membership Actions

Click on Membership Actions

Note: Use the Navigation Sidebar to quickly navigate to other Reports without having to return to the main Reports page.

Generate Report

Generate Report

1. Select the Start Date.

2. Select the End Date.

3. Please select the memship action allows you to choose a specific membership status to report on.

4. Please select the membership type allows you to choose a specific membership type.

5. Include which cancellations allows you to check which cancellations to include in the report. (this will only display if you have "Cancelled" selected as your membership action)

Click on Generate Report

Generated Report

Generated Report

Note: You can export this report by selecting a format and clicking export.

Note:  This report is only useful if you have purchased the Advanced Memberships module.  If you do not currently have the advanced membership module and would like more information about it please contact a sales representative in your region.

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