Suspending a Membership in EZFacility Classic

This guide will show you how to Suspend a Membership Contract.


Click on Clients.

Selecting a Client

Select a Client

Search for the client you want to suspend and click on the name.

Editing Contract

1. Click on Membership tab.

2. Click on Edit for the Membership Contract.

Adding a Suspension

Add Suspension

Click on Add a Suspension.

Suspension Options

Suspension Options

1. Add a date for the First day of the suspension.

2. Add an end date for the Last day of suspension (optional). This is optional and can be set at any time in the future.

3. Add a Suspension Fee if desired.

**Trainer Tip: A suspension fee is optional, and it only applies to membership contracts. If a fee is given, and the contract is suspended when it renews, it will renew at this fee.

4. Add Remarks about the suspension for tracking purposes.

5. Click on Suspend.

Contract History

Contract History

If an end date for the suspension has been added, it will be visible. If no end date has been added, there will be a set link, and an end date for the suspension can be added- see the Suspension Options section.

**Trainer Tip: The Suspended Membership will be visible in the check-in window when the client checks in and on the client's page after searching the client.

Client Page

Under the member column you will see the Red Person icon denoting that the client's membership contract is currently suspended.

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