Freezing a Membership in EZFacility Classic

This guide will show you how to Freeze a Membership Contract.


Step 1: Click on Clients.

Selecting a Client

Select a Client

Step 1: Search for the client you want to freeze and click on name.

Editing Contract

Step 1: Click on Membership tab.

Step 2: Click on Edit for the Membership Contract.

Adding a Freeze

Add Freeze

Click on Add a Freeze.

Freeze Options

Freeze Options

Step 1: Add a date for the First day of the freeze.

Step 2: Add an end date for the Last day of freeze (optional). This is optional and can be set at any time in the future.

Step 3: Add Remarks about the freeze for tracking purposes. This is optional unless set as a requirement.

Step 4: Click on Freeze.

Contract History

Contract History

If a freeze end date has been added it will be visible. If no freeze end date has been added, there will be a Set link to add an end date for the freeze.

**Trainer Tip: The Frozen Membership will be visible in the check-in window when the client checks in and on the client's page after searching the client.

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