Selling an Advanced Membership Contract in EZFacility Classic

This guide will show how to sell an Advanced Membership.


Click on Clients.

Selecting a Client

Select a Client

Search for a current client or create a New Client.

Selling a client an Advanced Membership

 Once on the client's personal page, scroll down to the Membership Details section of their profile. Then, select New Contract.

**Trainer Tip: If the client has a membership contract that has expired or if you are selling to a member whose contract is about to expire-- and not set to renew --you can sell a contract within the membership tab of each client/member.

Enter Contract Details Page

Enter Contract Details

In Step 1-- Enter Contract Details --manually input contract information to customize the client's membership contract or select a pre-defined membership plan from the Use Plan drop-down.

The Use Plan option will allow you to select a Pre-Defined Membership Plan to sell to your client.


Reviewing Contract Details

When contract information has been filled out or populated by using a pre-defined membership plan:

  • Sold By: A list of salespeople will be available to select for the association of this sold membership contract.
  • Membership Type: Type of membership the client is signing up for.
  • Membership Fee: Dollar amount the client will be charged per term.
  • Initiation Fee: An optional fee that can be added to the first invoice of a membership.
  • Bill Every: Billing term for the contract.
  • How Many Times: Term length of a contract.
  • Start Date: Date membership contract begins.
  • Revenue Date: This is the date that the revenue for your membership will be reported on for each term of the contract. The Revenue Date will also default to the same date as the start date and the date the client's payment is due on.

**Trainer Tip: You can only modify the revenue date on this page if 'How Many Times' is set to 1.

  • End Date: Last day of the contract term.

**Trainer Tip: Modifying the end date on this page will recalculate the 'Bill Every' into the number of days from the start date to the end date and will set 'How Many Times' to 1.

  • Max Visits: Entering a value limits the number of check-ins during the contract term. Leaving the field blank will allow for max visits.
  • Payments Due On: This is the day that payment will be due on. If using Auto Pay this will be the day that the Credit Card or Direct Debit account will be charged the membership fee.
  • Auto-Renew: Entering a value here will tell the system to renew this membership before it expires. If the field is left blank then the membership will not automatically renew.
  • Discount for Renewals: This setting programs the contract to automatically apply a discount (Percentage or Flat Dollar Amount) once the membership contract renews. Optionally you can include a description of the renewal discount and any internal remarks.
  • Autopay: With "Yes" selected, the contract will automatically charge the contract fees on each Payment Due date for the life of the membership contract. You can choose to have this option automatically default to "Yes" or "No".

Adding to cart

Add to Cart

Prior to selecting Add to Cart, there is an option to enter the client's Credit Card Details and/or Direct Debit Account, which is to be used for AutopayThe information will be saved in the client's billing section of their profile. This section can be toggled on or off by viewing how to set up membership preferences.

** Trainer Tip: Note the More Options link. If selected the user can apply a coupon, set an additional discount for the membership, and add internal notes or choose a revenue category.

Click Add to Cart.



Invoicing the Membership Contract

Invoice Contract

In Step 2--Choosing an Invoice Option --you will be given the option to Invoice Now or Invoice Later. In the Invoice Now option you will be given the ability to select Multiple and Single Invoices.

  • Multiple New Invoices: When selected it will create an invoice for each billed item.
  • Single New Invoice: When selected it will create one invoice for all the billed items.
  • Leave items in cart: This option allows you to leave any billed items created in your shopping cart so that you may sell other items and then invoice the client.
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