How to Add Additional Rentals to an Existing Rental in EZFacility Classic

This lesson will show you how to schedule additional rental reservations to an already existing rental bill.

Choose an Existing Rental Reservation from Your Schedule

1. Select one of the client's existing linked rental reservations.

Actions: Add More

1. View the client's rental reservations. Clear the filter if you want to see all reservations.
In this example we're only seeing 2 of 16 because the filter is only showing the day chosen on the schedule.

2. Select Add More to access a recurring pattern screen.

Recurring Pattern

1. Choose your pattern.

  • Pattern: Options for Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • Select the date/time duration of a single reservation
  • Depending on the pattern (weekly being the most commonly used) select any other days of the week the reservation occurs at this date and time
  • Set the range of recurrence for the reservation: Number of total days or an end date to stop the reservation

2. Click on Add New occurrences

**You can repeat the process here as many times as necessary by changing the parameters as necessary to build the desired schedule

For the example above, we are adding October dates to September's already made reservations for a client

Rental Reservations Added

1. You will see the new reservations added

2. Green if there is no conflict and orange if there is a conflict

3. If a conflict happens you can mass edit by checking the left boxes and choosing Modify Checked or Delete Checked

Adding Multiple Resources

***From the previous example only Studio A is added to October.

If we wanted to add Studio B, we would repeat the Add More, Weekly Pattern and change the resource to Studio B.**

Billing the Newly Added Reservations (Studio A Only)

1. You must initially hit Finish, create the reservations on the schedule and then click back into one of the Linked Reservations

2. Clear the Filter 

3. Select all the newly added rental reservations

For this example, we'll choose all the new October dates we want to bill. Choose  Bill Selected.

Billing the Rental

1. Select a Pre-defined rental rate or enter custom rate information into the fields.

2. Select how many items are made: combined or per occurrence.

*Your Predefined Rental Rate choice will change options under Bill how many items? 

Just one: This will combine all items into 1 line item, a paid in full rate. This will be the default billing if no Pre-defined is selected.

One for each occurrence: An occurrence is a rental date.

3. Select Bill

Invoice the Rental

1. Invoice Now by selecting Multiple New Invoices, Single New Invoice, Date-based Invoices or Choose an Open Invoice. 

Note. With multiple invoices, each line item will have an invoice.

2. Invoice Later: This option allows you to leave any billing items created in your shopping cart so that you may sell other items: Other membership contracts, training packages, etc., and then bill a single client for all items.

Open Invoice

1. For this example, we chose Invoice #1599, this invoice already has September's rentals on it for James Doe

Viewing the Invoice

1. James Doe's original September billing is on the invoice.

2. October's rental dates and corresponding payment dates now appear on Invoice Number: 1599

3. Take a Payment


4. Print or email a copy of the invoice

5. Click Done to complete the rental process

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