Advanced Multi-Scheduling in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to assign a resource to a trainer reservation.

Advanced Multi-Scheduling functionality will now allow you to assign one or more venues to each of your trainers’ reservations. Each venue assigned will then be automatically linked to the trainers' reservation and listed as "Unavailable"  preventing any double booking.

A few of the highlights this latest feature includes:

  • Easily assign venues to your trainers to show where their training is taking place and keep every one on the same page
  • No more manual bookings to block out areas for your trainers. Which will reduce the amount of time it takes to create the schedule
  • Drag and Drop functionality will allow you to move the whole set of reservations
    • E.g. If you schedule a yoga class with an instructor at 1:00 PM in yoga studio #1 then decide to move the instructor's yoga class to 2:00 PM, it will automatically move the unavailable time slot for yoga studio #1 as well

**Hold down the Ctrl Key to select one or more Venues from the list to be used in scheduling the reservation. Control + A will select all Venues in the list.

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