How to Assign Custom Colors to Reservation Types

This lesson will show how to attach custom colors to your Reservation Types.


Select Administration.

**Trainer Tip: Use the left navigation sidebar for quick access to the Packages settings.

Locate the Packages section and select Reservation Types

Editing a Reservation Type

You will locate the Reservation Type that you want to add or edit a color for and then click on the Pencil Icon to edit it.

  1. Locate the Color option and click on the down arrow, which will display a window with the different color options to choose from.
  2. Select your desired color and click on Update Reservation Type.

**Trainer Tip: Colors can be randomly selected, or you can create a pattern that is meaningful to your facility as you view the calendar. Keep in mind the color legend corner indicators for optimal clarity. (See below). For example, a Reservation Type for Personal Training, with a class size of one, using the color red, might prevent the user from noticing that the corner color is red when the session is booked.

Color Legend

  1. From the Schedule Page, select the Color Legend button located on the upper right side.  This will show your current Color Templates.  Note that Default Colors cannot be changed at this time.
  2. The corner indicators appear on Reservation Types created with customer colors. They identify the registration status of the event and will allow you to tell whether a class is Empty, Partially Full, or Full.
  3. Custom Colors can be set up based on the desired theme.
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