How to Create Recurring Sessions in EZFacility Classic

Creating a recurring session on the schedule is as simply as adding in step number two on the new reservations page, as seen below.

Just remember that when you are setting up a recurring session this will be a class that happens multiple times and can be on multiple days but will be at the same time on those days. So in other words you can have a session on Monday and Thursday for the next 2 months but those classes will all be at the 2pm on those days.

Once the user has set up the original session and has clicked into step number 2 “Select the recurring pattern” they will see the following screen.

The first thing the user must do now is to choose a pattern that they would like the recurring pattern to follow. This is done by hitting the drop down arrow next to the “Pattern” choice.

The choices the user is given are Single Entry, Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Of the Month.

Single Entry  Just for this one day, if you are just putting one lesson/training in there is no reason to come to the recurring section.

Daily  Will put the lesson/training you are scheduling in everyday until the end date is reached.

Weekly  Will put the lesson/training on the days of your choice for every week until the end date is reached. (This is the most commonly used option)

Bi-Weekly  Will put the lesson/training on the days of your choice but will only schedule them every other week until the end date is reached.

Monthly  Will put the lesson/training on the date chosen every month until the end date has been reached. If you have chosen the 5th of a month the reservation will only appear on the 5th of all the following months that have been chosen.

Yearly  Will put the lesson/training on the date you have chosen every year until the end date has been reached.

Of The Month  This option will put the lesson/training on that day every month until the end date is reached. The difference here is that this will put the lesson training on every 4th Thursday of the month not on a certain numerical date.

Now that the pattern has been established the user must also choose any additional days of the week that this class should appear on, this is done but going to the field marked “On These Days”. In the example below the day’s Wednesday and Friday have been added to this recurring pattern.

Once the proper days have been chosen the proper range, or how long this pattern will last, for this pattern must also be set. This is accomplished by setting the “Range”. The user can end the range of this pattern by a total number of sessions or on a certain date as shown below, for this example the range has been set at one month from the start date.

**Everything in between “Pattern” and “On These Days” is really used for 24 hour locations, this helps the system recognize that the lesson/training can start at 11:30pm on one date and ends at 1:30am on the next date. **

**If you mistakenly use the Start and End date sections as when you want the lesson/trainings to happen you might very well create one class that is several months long**

Once the user has hit the grey button labeled “Add New Occurrences” the screen below will appear. The dates that the user has chosen in the previous step are now listed in green but they are not listed on the schedule just yet.  If these match what you need on your schedule you can hit the grey button on the bottom labeled “Save And Finish”. This will add the dates in green onto your schedule with the class that was chosen.


**A helpful scheduling tip is if you have dates that this class is not going to happen inside the range you have chosen that’s ok. Make the schedule with those dates included and once you get to the part of this task where the dates are all listed in green just choose the dates you do not want included and hit the “Delete Checked” option. This will take those dates away so they do not show up on your schedule. This is also easier than making several separate recurring patterns**

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