How to Edit Class Sizes in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to adjust class sizes to reduce the number of people who can register for a class on Self-Service. This change will help manage online bookings to adjust to Social Distancing Restrictions as you reopen your facility.


Class sizes can be set when creating a new Reservation Type. Many EZFacility users populate their calendars many months ahead with recurring classes. If you need to reduce the number of participants who can register for classes, editing the Reservation Type will not alter classes that are already added to the calendar. Editing the class size will only modify future events.

How to Edit a Recurring Event

Select the Class then select the Linked Reservations Tab.

Use the filters to select the desired date range. In this case, all future events will be modified to reduce the number of allowable participants.

Check the box to select all events, then select Finish.

The Reservation details will be available to you to reduce the class size. Enter the new class size, Preview Changes then Finish.

Class size has been reduced to 10 for all future sessions.

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