Scheduling a Special Reservation in EZFacility Classic

This lesson will show you how to schedule special reservation types: Floor Hours, Program Instruction, Unpaid Time and Unavailable

Schedule Page

Click on an gray cell on your schedule page for the trainer you wish to book

Select Reservation Type

1. Click on the Special Reservation Type button

2. Choose your Reservation Type from the drop down menu

Reservation Details

1. Set the title for your reservation

2. Set the Start and End times for the reservation

3. Click on the Select the Recurring Pattern header to set the reservation to apply to future dates as well OR 4. Click on Save and Finish to add the single date/time reservation

Recurring Pattern

1. Set your recurring reservation parameters:

  • Pattern: Options for Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • Select the date/time duration of a single reservation
  • Depending on the pattern (weekly being the most commonly used) select any other days of the week the reservation occurs at this date and time
  • Set the range of recurrence for the reservation: Number of total days or an end date to stop the reservation

2. Click on Add New occurrences

** You can repeat the process here as many times as necessary and change the parameters as necessary to build the desired schedule

Save Reservation

Once you have added all of your recurring dates/times, click on the Save and Finish button

Schedule Page

Your reservation will now appear on the schedule page with your specified title

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