Scheduling a Special Reservation in EZFacility Classic

This lesson will show you how to schedule special Reservation Types: Floor Hours, Program Instruction, Unpaid Time and Unavailable.

Select the Schedule from the menu. Select the trainer for booking.  

***Trainer Tip: This feature can also be used to set a specific location as unavailable. This will prevent a location from being available in an online rental search if using the Self-Service Portal.

Schedule Page

Navigate to the specific date, then select the specific Trainer or Venue and time for the reservation. Click on a gray cell on your schedule page.  Clicking into the cell will open a dialog box.

Select the Reservation Type  Special

Special Reservation Types include: Floor Hours, Program Instruction, Unpaid time and Unavailable.

1. Select Special from the Reservation Type options.

2.  Select the desired option from the drop-down menu.

***Trainer Tip: If the event is recorded on a trainer venue, these Special Reservation Types can be tracked using the Trainer Payroll and Commission Report. The booked events can be a single occurrence or a recurring event.

3. Select the Start and End Time for the Event.

4. If desired, this event can be set up as a recurring event.

5. Select Save and Finish. Clients cannot be booked into Special Reservations.

***Trainer Tip: The title of the event can be changed if desired.


Your reservation will now appear on the schedule page with your specified title.

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