September 27th, 2023 - Release Notes


Today’s software release includes a new enhancement to improve self check-in and bug fixes.  

Enhancements include:  

  • Cursor behavior in self check-in 

  • Bug fixes 


Cursor Behavior in Self Check-In 

When performing a search in Self Check-In, the search bar cursor will remain active after each search/action is performed. For instance, if a user looks up a client to book a sessionafter the session is booked and the user returns to the client search page, the cursor will still be active in the search bar.  


Bug Fixes 

Today’s release also includes the following bug fixes:   


  • Package info icon not displaying for waitlisted clients on a shared package:Now you can see the package info icon for clients who are waitlisted and on a shared package 
    Fix:  See image below 

  • Waitlisted clients on a shared package aren’t being automatically booked when a reservation becomes available: Waitlisted clients who are on a shared package will now be automatically booked if a spot opens up for their desired reservation. 

  • Column headers in CSV reportare now displaying correctly for the following marketing reports: 

    • Client Demographics 

    • Client Package Summary 

    • Contact Report 

    • Trial Conversions - not generating 

    • Unused Session Value - not generating 

  • Column headers in CSV reports are now displaying correctly for the following membership reports: 

    • Assessment Summary 

    • Check-in Details 

    • Low usage check-in 

    • Membership Attrition 

    • Membership Overview 

    • Membership Revenue By Month 

    • Un-accrued Membership Revenue Report 

  • Training Report -Trainer Performance Report Not Generating: Trainer Performance Report in the new UI is now generating successfully. 

  • Financial Report - Trainer Payroll/Commission Report Not Generating: Trainer Payroll/Commission Report in the new UI is now generating successfully. 

  • Mobile - Profile side menu is not closing when clicking on page content with iframes: When accessing EZFacility on a mobile device, when the side menu bar is opened and the page content is in an iframe, clicking on the page content will now close the side menu bar. 


Support and Feedback 

If you encounter any issues or have questions about them, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 


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