Today’s release includes a variety of technical enhancements to ensure superior system performance, as well as bug fixes to address client feedback and provide an elevated experience for all users.  

Technical and System Performance Enhancements 

This release includes technical enhancements that will further improve EZFacility’s speed and reliability. Additionally, we’ve added new, advanced tools to help us identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. 

Bug Fixes 

Today’s release also includes the following bug fixes:

  • Multi-Group Registration: Users can now add multiple subgroups to their cart and pay altogether. 
  • Resource Display in Self-Service: Resources with numbers in the names will appear in ascending order in the Self-Service portal. 
  • Check-In Display of Membership Information: When a client is checked in by a staff member, membership information will not be displayed for non-members.  
  • Timestamp Based on Time Zone: The timestamp on self-service invitations will now match your facility’s time zone to ensure accuracy.  
  • “Copy of Itself” Membership Plans: When a contract is set to renew as a “copy of itself,” this selection is saved to the membership plan for reference. 
  • Search for Clients with Two First Names: You can now search for a client with two first names in EZFacility’s new user interface.  

Questions or Feedback? Get in Touch!

If you have any questions about the enhancements in today’s release or feedback on EZFacility, please contact our support team.  

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