In today’s software release, there is a new enhancement to the sidebar menu and several bug fixes to improve the user experience. 

Enhancements include:  

  • Responsive Sidebar Menu to Desktops & Tablets 

  • Bug fixes 

The Sidebar Menu is Now Responsive to Desktops & Tablets 

The sidebar menu will default to the expanded or collapsed version depending on which device a user is accessing the software from. If a user accesses the software from a tablet, the sidebar menu will default to only show icons to allow more space on a smaller screen. If the user accesses the software from a desktop, the sidebar menu will be conveniently expanded. 

Bug Fixes 

Today’s release also includes the following bug fixes:   

  • Broken template images in emails to individual clients – In the Email Campaign module, the template images are no longer broken when sending an email through the client profile. 

  • Set coupon limits not being applied for relatives in Self-Service  Coupons with a set limit per person now reflect the same limit when purchasing for a relative on Self-Service. 

  • Coupon code discounts that are applied to an annual membership are not reflected in the payment due amount on self-service  When users purchase a membership and a coupon code is added, the discount from the coupon is now applied, the payment due is updated and the total amount is accurately reflected. 

  • Invoice 'Created By' field appears blank when billing is created from items in the cart – When creating an invoice for items left in the client's cart, the 'Created By' field on the invoice will now display the name of the user who is creating the invoice.  

  • Two client profiles are created at the same time when “Add Client” is double-clicked – When a user is creating a client profile, the “Add Client” button can now only be clicked once. This removes the ability to double-click and accidentally create duplicate profiles. 

  • Double-clicking on the “Renew Now” button creates multiple memberships – When a user is choosing to renew a membership, “Renew Now” can only be clicked once. This removes the ability to double-click and accidentally create multiple memberships. 

  • Adjusting window size causes membership “Generate/Save” button issues – When a user adjusts the size of their window while on the “Client Profile” page, and they choose to change the Membership Number, the correct corresponding button option is displayed, allowing the user to save their change. 

  • The membership contract visit summary shows the incorrect time on the client’s profile – The membership contract visit summary now reflects the facility's local time. 

  • When downloading reports as a CSV, titles are not shown correctly (Revenue Report & Deposit Report) Downloading Revenue Report or Deposit Report as a CSV will display column header names as expected, instead of ‘textbox#.’ 

  • Revenue Report does not show credit card type – When credit cards are processed through taking payments or auto payment jobs, the credit card type is now captured and included in this report. 

  • Renewal icon appearing on session even though the package is not set to renew – The renewal icon logic has been fixed to only show the “R” (for renewal) when the client’s package is set to renew. 

  • Printing and saving reports as a PDF obscures the company logo – When PDF reports are saved or printed, the logo is now resized to fit the area. This means it will no longer overlap any of the report data. 

Support and Feedback 

If you encounter any issues or have questions about them, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 

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