Today’s release includes enhancements to payment options and processes, self-service rental bookings, bug fixes, and technical updates to help lay the groundwork for future enhancements to EZFacility’s software.  

Apply Payment: Simplified View for Invoices & Open Billed Items  

Often, when one of your clients makes a partial payment toward the total amount due on their account, you’ll need to apply the payment to one or more invoices. This release displays open invoices and billed items in a simplified format, making it easier to apply payments to specific itemsYou can now view up to 75 billed items per page and easily navigate between pages to find the items or invoices you need 

Self-Service Rental Bookings: Only Allow Users to Set a Start and End Time on the Hour  

When allowing members and guests to book rentals through your self-service online portal, it’s important to make sure rentals occur at the times you’ve designated in your schedule. In this release, we’ve updated the time clock component for rental booking to only allow start and end times on the hour to ensure that these times align with your scheduled intervals.  

Add Bank Transfer as a Payment Option


Bank Transfer has been added as a payment option that can be selected from the Client Profile when taking payments. Additionally, you can view reports on Bank Transfer payments in deposit reports, revenue reports, and group payments breakdowns. 


You can select Bank Transfer as a payment from the following modules in the Client Profile:  

  • Billing Details > Payments  
  • Packages > Sell Package  
  • Groups > Register a member

Tech Updates: Laying the Groundwork for Future Enhancements

Today’s release includes a variety of system updates to help speed up troubleshooting and lay the groundwork for future enhancements. Our development team is constantly working under the hood to incorporate the latest technology and best practices so we can continue to build cutting-edge solutions for your business.  

Bug Fixes 

Today’s release also includes the following bug fixes:   

  • Save and Cancel Buttons for Payment Schedule Changes – Save and cancel buttons are now visible.  
  • Deferred Membership Revenue Report (New EZFacility UI) – Report filter option for “Include liable membership contracts only” will now provide results for liable and non-liable membership contracts when toggled off.  
  • Membership Created Date and Time – The UTC time will now adjust to ensure that membership created dates do not change due to daylight savings.  
  • Process Refunds under Billing Permissions – The billing refund permission (which allows users to process refund transactions against credit cards or bank accounts) has been updated to ensure that credit card type and bank account data is hidden from users without access. Additionally, the refund button will be disabled when there is no money on the account. 
  • Check-In Reports for Specific Stations – Users can view the Check-in Detail Report and Check-in Summary Report when a specific check-in station filter is selected. 

Questions or Feedback? Get in Touch!

If you have any questions about the enhancements in today’s release or feedback on EZFacility, please contact our support team. 

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  • Hello, how do you add a client's bank account information in order to receive a bank transfer as payment?

  • Hi Cynthia!

    The bank transfer payment method is non-electronic. It is meant to use for recording purposes only. You can contact your merchant processor to discuss ACH and direct debit options.


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