Database & System Performance Enhancements  

Today’s release includes a range of updates to optimize the performance and stability of EZFacility’s software and database. While these under-the-hood enhancements may not be outwardly visible, they’re critical in ensuring that you and your clients can use the software reliably—anytime, anywhere.  

Enhancements include:  

  • Application query optimizations to ensure that you can filter and search your client database quickly and easily  
  • Database improvements to maximize system stability  
  • Additional monitoring to help our team ensure performance and reliability for you, your staff, and your clients   

Auto-Search Performance Optimizations  

To improve search performance, auto-search will begin suggesting search queries after you enter three characters into the search bar.

Invoices Report Enhancement  

We’ve added the Organization field to the Invoices Report to make it easy to view company/business information alongside invoices.  

Bug Fixes 

Today’s release also includes the following bug fixes:   

  • Users can now view error messages when the “Allow from any IP Address” is enabled 
  • On the Client profile membership grid, when a client declines a document via email, the “View Text” link in now enabled  
  • Users utilizing single sign-on for EZLeagues can now update their user profiles 
  • An error in the Silver Sneakers report has been corrected  
  • On the Client Profile, the “List and Edit All Sessions” will now display all client sessions  
  • Online registration forms for users in the UK will now display the field label “Mobile Phone” instead of “Cell Phone” 
  • Resolved an issue that allowed some users to access other employees’ time clocks in the new UI  
  • Resolved an issue with Extreme-ip console error  


In this release, we removed the Credit Card Swipe row from the EZSignup self-service portal.  

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If you encounter any issues or have questions about, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 

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