Assigning a Membership Number

This guide will demonstrate how to add a membership number to the Client/Member Profile. The Membership number works with the check in window, and automates attendance if the client is scheduled for a session.

When adding a new client to EZFacility, and selling them a membership, you will need to associate the new member with a memberhip number in order to use the check-in window.

(1). The Membership # Field is located the Membership Details section. It is important to note that whatever number you enter in this box, will locate the member when using the check-in window. If you have Key Fobs, enter the number in this field. You can also use the (2) Generate feature or another account number.  Generate allows you to randomly create numbers to use in the membership number for use at Check in.

(3) If you have a separate number associated with the member or client profile, and enter it here, it will not work in the check-in window. The numbers entered in (1) and (3) can be the same number.


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