How to Export Client Demographic Information

This lesson will show you how to export your client demographic information into a different format (i.e. Excel, .CSV, .PDF, etc.)

* Once the file is exported, you can remove any unneeded columns of data and use an excel copy of the file to create a mail merge in Word.


Click on Administration

Client Administration

Scroll down to the Client Administration section and click on the Export Clients link

Generate Export Report

Generate Export Report

1. Choose what clients you wish to export:

   - All Contacts: Every contact in your database

   - All Members: All clients with active memberships (See How to Sell a Membership Contract)

   - Birthdays this Month: All clients with a birth month of the current calendar month

   - Birthdays Next Month: All clients with a birth month of the next calendar month

2. Choose the status of the clients:

   - Include all: Chooses all contacts regardless of status

   - Active: Clients with scheduled training sessions in the future

   - On-Hold: Clients with sessions scheduled sometime within the past 60 days

   - Non-Active: Clients whom have never been scheduled or have not been scheduled in the past 60 days

3. Click Generate Report

Exporting the Report

Exporting the Report

Choose your desired file type from the drop-down menu and then click on the blue Export link

Open or Save the Exported File

Open or Save the Exported File

Click Open to immediately view and edit the file OR click Save to store the file on your hard drive

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