This lesson will walk you through some best practices when managing clients within your EZFacility account.


Click on the Clients link

New Client Information

Enter the basic contact information for your client using the provided fields or custom fields/options you may have set in administration prior to creating a new client.

1. Use Client Categories to group clients and for use in Email Marketing

2. Each individual should be created as a unique client in your account. You can then set Relationships between the clients, linking the profiles. This can be used to quickly find related clients and access their profiles by clicking on their name or for Package and Membership sharing.

3. The email address field will accept multiple email addresses,. Make sure you click 'Add' after each entry. It will not save if you do not click 'Add' and then 'Update'.

4. Set a Referral Category and Source for reporting and tracking purposes. This will allow you to see what is driving customers to your business.


1. Assign a default Trainer or Salesperson for use in filtering or restricting access to the client list for your employees.

2. Manage text message (SMS) subscriptions to exclude the client from receiving them in the future or choose the Service Provider from the drop-down allowing the client to receive Training Session Reminders via text message. Note: management for Email Subscriptions has now moved to it's own section. Please see below and Managing Email Subscriptions on a Client's Profile

3. Manage subscriptions for specific emails and specific email notification types.

4. Keeps track of who/when created as a client and who/when modified the client.

Simple Membership

1. Enter Simple Membership details like the membership number, membership type and start/expiration dates for basic membership tracking used for Check-in verification.

Existing Clients

Existing Clients

1. Record communication history by Logging an Activity , send the client an email or Create a Task to set and track tasks for yourself or other staff members for each specific client.

2. Add a client's Photo which is displayed when a Check-in occurs for the client, allowing you to verify the client's identity.

3. Sell your client a Advanced Membership contract for better membership tracking combined with billing on a recurring basis.

Additional Tab

Additional Tab

Use the Additional tab to identify Sports, Seasons or Tags for the client. These are used in Filtering Email Blasts to send to specific sets of clients. (click to add)



Enter contact information for up to 2 Emergency Contacts



Use the Assessments tab to track different assessments for each client as you work with them to reach their fitness goals. You create the assessments to meet your needs, enter assessment values and view the assessment history or generate a report for the client at any time.

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    Enter the basic contact information for your client using the provided fields or custom fields/options you may have set in administration prior to creating a new client.


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