This guide will show you how to check in a Client using the Staff Check-in window.

The check-in window can be used to automatically mark your customers as attended if they checked in between three hours before a scheduled session and five hours after. Also, this displays their Membership Status. Clients who do not have a membership will appear as a non-members.

Select Check-in, then select Staff Check-in.

 Check-in will open up in a new window.

 1. The most common way is by entering the client’s unique membership number into the text-box at the top of the page--a client does not have to be a member for you to give them a membership number--and click on the Check-In button. You can also utilize our check-in module with a bar code scanner.

The other way to check a client in is by entering the client’s name into the text-box at the top of the page. You will have to enter the client’s name. Then wait about 10 seconds for a little drop-down menu to appear. This drop-down menu will list all of the clients that it found with that name (you may have 3 John Smiths, or you can enter Bob and you have 20 clients named Bob). Click on the client’s name that you want to check in.

2. Click on Check-In.

Note: If your account has multiple locations with the ability to Share Clients enabled, you have the ability to check a client in through any of the location’s check-in window.


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