This guide will demonstrate how to Prorate your Membership Plans.

Select Administration, then select Memberships then select Plans.

Select the desired plan. Select the pencil to edit the plan.

Locate the Prorate Tab to view available options.

Choose your prorate option. Select Save & Close or Save & Next to edit another plan.

***Trainer Tip - All prorated contracts will push all future billing to the first of the next month, which will be billed for the full monthly rate.

1. None: Prorating is not allowed on this membership plan and this is the default option.

2. Prorate Until the First Day of the Next Month and Then:

  • Extend the contract's last term until a full billing Month is created:  If the last month is not a full month, this option will extend the last month to accommodate the total number of times set in the membership plan.
  • Remove the last term that is not a full billing Month: If the last month is not a full month, choosing this option will remove the last billing month.
  • Prorate the final term: In addition to prorating the initial month, this option will also prorate the end of the month.

3. Custom

  • Allow User To Select Prorate Type:  At the sale of the membership, the user will be given the prorate option above to choose from.

4. Click Add Membership Plan if it's a new membership plan or you will be given the option to select Update a Membership Plan if you are editing an existing membership plan.

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