This guide will demonstrate how to Prorate your Membership Plans.


Then select Memberships then Plans.

To edit a Membership Plan click on the Edit Pencil. This will open the Plan Details.

Locate the Prorate Tab to view available options.

Choose your prorate option. Select Save & Close or Save & Next to edit another plan.

***Trainer Tip - All prorated contracts will push all future billing to the first of the next month, which will be billed for the full monthly rate.

1. None: Prorating is not allowed on this membership plan and this is the default option.

2. Prorate Until the First Day of the Next Month and Then:

  • Extend the contract's last term until a full billing Month is created:  If the last month is not a full month, this option will extend the last month to accommodate the total number of times set in the membership plan.
  • Remove the last term that is not a full billing Month: If the last month is not a full month, choosing this option will remove the last billing month.
  • Prorate the final term: In addition to prorating the initial month, this option will also prorate the end of the month.

3. Custom

  • Allow User To Select Prorate Type:  At the sale of the membership, the user will be given the prorate option above to choose from.

4. Click Save & Close to go back to the Membership Plan area or Save & Next to edit additional Areas for this Membership Plan.

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