How use Documents to Create Membership Waivers when selling a Membership in person

This guide will demonstrate how to use Documents to create waivers for memberships. You can create multiple waivers on EZFacility and link them to specific membership plans, Accept the waiver in multiple ways via EZFacility and review the waiver in the member profile.

Creating a Document

Select Administration, Documents then Document Templates.

Select Create a new document template and click on Select Action 

Use the Document Templates area to create your Document/Waiver.

1 - Ensure the drop down shows as Client Document (GDPR Countries will show another option)

2 - Add a Template Name.

3- Add a Description for the Document/Waiver

4 - Type in the text or use the Paste Plain Text to paste in your pre-written text in the Template Body

5 - Select Preview to view how your document will show

6 - Press Save.

In the Document Templates area you will be able to edit or delete an already created document/waiver

Adding a Document to a Membership Plan

To add a Document to a Membership, Select AdministrationMemberships then Plans

Select the membership plan to edit by clicking on the pencil icon.

On the Plan Details Tab, go to Default Documents and select a document from the drop-down list.

Once you have selected your document/waiver select next

You can now edit other areas of the Membership Plan, When you have finished click Save & Close

***A document can also be added to a membership when the membership is initially created.

Waiver Acceptance - Methods of Acceptance when selling in person

If the membership contract is sold in-house, there are four types of client acceptance:

Paper Copy - The client signs the paper copy, and the system prompts you to upload a signed copy of the document. There are several smart phone apps that allow capture of the document as a PDF.

Digital Copy - Client selects a check-box.

Digital Signature - Requires a touch-screen computer, a mouse or a Topaz Digital Signature Pen

Email Document - The waiver is emailed to the client who can accept it via their computer or smart phone. The waiver remains in pending status until it is returned.

***Use Document History to track pending waivers. Once the email has been sent the client has 24 hours to accept the document.

Viewing the Member's Completed Waiver

Look in the Document tab to view the completed waiver. The status shows that the waiver is signed. Click on the view link to see the Document.  

***If the status shows pending, it is a waiver that was send via email, but has not yet been accepted by the client.

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