This lesson will show you how to set up your Membership Plans.


Click on Administration. 

Membership Administration

Click on Memberships.

Click on Plans and then click Create Membership.

Creating a Membership Plan

1. Type: Select the membership type from the drop down menu. If you have not already set up membership types you can create a new type from this point as well.

2. Description: Enter a description that best describes this plan. This is what you will see when you are selling the contract so make sure all relevant details are visible.

**Trainer Tip-You can include the membership type in this field and additional details including the length of the plan. (ex. Individual Monthly Membership)

3. Start Date:  If a date is entered here, all contracts created will begin on that date. 

4. Billed - Determines the frequency of the billing. It may be a monthly or yearly plan.

5. Duration:  This determines how many times the billing will occur at the selected frequency.


** Trainer Tip: The combination of the Billed Duration and # of Times Per Contract fields determines the duration of the contract and how frequently the contract will bill.


Example:  A one year contract paid in full would be set to bill every year, one time.  A one year contract with monthly payments would be set to bill every month, twelve times.        


6. Auto-Renew: If the amount of time before expiration is left blank, this contract will not automatically renew. If a value is entered here, the contract will auto-renew based on the value entered. For example, the number of days or weeks can be based on the notification requirements of the facility. 


7. Contracts renew as: This field offers two options when setting up the membership plan.


     A. If the contract renews "as a copy of itself" the billing terms and fees will be identical to the sold contract when renewed. If the price of the membership plan has changed over time, the contract will renew at the original sale price when it was sold to the client, not the pre-defined Membership Plan fee.


     B.  If you select a pre-defined membership plan, the contract will renew with the selected plan terms at the time of renewal. This also applies when selecting the same name as the current plan."



**Trainer Tip - This is useful for one type of membership " rolling into " another type.  An example of this might be a promotional membership that rolls into a full price membership at its completion.


**Trainer Tip - In order for all membership plan options to appear in the Contract renews as drop down, you must exit the membership plan screen then reenter the membership plans section, then all plans will appear.


8. Default Document: You will be able to attach a custom Membership agreement to each plan.


9. Max Visits: Entering a value limits the number of check-in visits during the contract term.


10. Initiation Fee: An optional fee that can be added to the first invoice of a membership.


11. Fee Billed Each Term: Dollar amount the client will be charged per term.


12. Payments Due On: This is the day that payment will be due on. If you are using Auto Pay this will be the day that the credit card or EFT account will be charged for the membership fee. 


13. Discount: You can enter a Discount that will be tied to the Membership Plan when it's sold.


14. Revenue Category: Attaching a Revenue Category to the Membership Plan will allow you to see how much revenue the respective plan has generated for the facility.


15. Default Invoice Option: This will give you the option to select No Default, Multiple Invoices, or Single Invoices when the membership is sold.


16. Auto-Pay: You can choose to have this set to "Yes" or "No". Auto-Pay should be turned on if you're expecting clients to save a credit card on file and have payments go through automatically.


17. Additional Description: Any additional information for the membership can be entered into this section


18. Sell Online: This is how you control whether or not the membership can be purchased through self service.


Once you have completed filling out the membership plan fields please click on Save & Next at the bottom of the billing tab. You will then be given the option to Prorate the Membership and attach an Add-on before you reach your summary.


Once you click Save & Close you will be brought back to your Membership Plans page. If you choose Save & Add New your Membership Plan will be saved and you'll be brought to a new template to create your next Plan. If you Click the Copy Checkbox and hit Save & Add New, Your plan will be saved while a copy of it will stay on your screen. This is helpful if you're creating multiple plans that only have a few differences.

Viewing Membership Plans

View your existing membership plans and utilize the pencil icon to edit a current type or the garbage can to delete the type. The newest plan will appear at the top of the table by default. You can drag and drop the plans to appear in the order you choose.

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