This lesson will show you how to setup your own custom role to assign to new and/or existing user accounts.

Select Administration, then Location Settings and Roles.

1. Click on New Role to create your custom role

***Trainer Note - Existing roles can also be modified by clicking on the Badge icon to edit or the red X to delete the role.

1. Type in the name of your custom role

2. Choose an existing role to use as a base template if desired

3. Scroll through the list of available permissions: Checked options are active permissions and unchecked options will be denied to users in that role.

Customize Permissions and Save

Edit the permissions as needed. In this example, the new role is for a bookkeeper. The user will be able to run all financial reports.

Save all changes.

Your custom role is now listed on Role Administration and can be assigned to a new or existing user profile.

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