This lesson will allow you to set up which fields you would like to have required when your staff creates new clients, when clients fill out an online registration form, and fields necessary to complete Self-Service Registration. You also have the option to add up to seven additional custom fields to store desired information.

Select Administration then select Client Settings then select Contact Preferences.

Contact Preferences

Each column works independently of the others to set the required information to be collected based on how clients register.

1. Client Options - Check the boxes of those options you wish to force entry on when your manually creating new clients.

2. Online Registration Options - Fields that will appear on the online registration form. The Online Registration form is used in the Groups module.

3. Self-Service Options - Fields that will be required on the Complete Registration Email after a new client registers on Self-Service.

**Trainer Note: It is a good idea to require an email address and cell phone number as required fields. Requiring an email address will allow you to email invoices, receipts, and email marketing. Requiring a cell phone number will allow the client to opt into SMS texting for session reminders. If the client wants text reminders, the cell phone provider must be provided.

Custom Fields

Type in the text label of your custom fields.

Custom 1-3 will be the left-hand column and 4-6 will be a right-hand column of the client page.

**Trainer Tip: Adding gender as a required field is a great option if you are hoping for Marketing opportunities while using EZFacility.

Setting Gender Preferences

1. Set whether the Gender is a required field.

2. Set the Default Gender to apply to new clients.

Saving Changes Click Update Preferences to save your changes.

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