This Guide will show you how to locate the Resource Setup area on the system and how to create your resources for your schedule and Salespeople.

Adding Schedule Groups

When creating your resources for your schedule first you will need to create your Schedule Groups.

Start by click on the Schedule Groups Tab.

Type in a schedule group name. This will be the header for your resources. One example would be "Trainers"

Then select Add Schedule Group

Adding Venues

When you have created your Schedule Groups you will then be able to add in Venues.

Click on the Venues Tab

This will be where you name your physical locations in the building where classes can be scheduled or rooms can be rented.

Type in your Venue Name.

On the right side of the Venues tab change the Schedule Group to the correct heading. Click Add Venue.

Adding Trainers

Click on the Trainers tab.

Here you will enter the Trainer Name. You can also enter the commission information.

On the right side of the Trainers tab change the Schedule Group and click Add Trainer.

View your Schedule

Scroll to the top of the menu bar and click Schedule.

Here you will see the resources you have made. The grey lines are the Schedule Groups and the white lines are the resources themselves

Adding Salespeople

Click on the Salespeople tab.

This is where you can track commission for anyone who sells a package or membership. Salespeople do not count toward your resource limit

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