This Guide will show you how to locate the Location Setup area on the system and edit your Locations Setup details.

Location Details

Please review this area to ensure all the details entered are correct for your location

  • Location Label - Name seen within EZFacility
  • Public Name - The name the clients will see
  • Address details - Physical location of your facility
  • Phone - The number a client will call with any questions
  • Email - The email a client will contact with questions
  • Alert Email - The email that will receive notifications of any credit card declines.This can be the same as the email field but it is recommended to be an email address for the billing department.
  • Website - Add in your facility's website.



Integrated Credit Card Types Allowed

These credit cards will be the type you are going to accept through your merchant processor.

***This area will only show once your merchant processor is integrated.

Membership Renewal, Package Renewal and Auto Pay Run Time

Membership Renewal , Package Renewal and Auto Pay Run Time are the times the memberships and packages will renew.

Send One Failed Transaction Email: If you choose yes, it will send you one email with all of the credit card declines for the day. If this is left as no, you will receive an email per credit card decline.

***The client will receive an email when their credit card declines right away.

Time Clock Rounding

This is how the time clock will round.

Drag & Drop Default


Move Booking

No Default


Only used if you are part of the European Union.

*** If you turn on GDPR and select save the system will divert you to the Documents area to create a GDPR document.

Vaccine Passport

Allows you to record whether or not your client has been vaccinated.

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