This lesson will show how to schedule a rental reservation for a single or multiple venues.

Choose Schedule

Single Venue Rental

1. If you wish to rent a single venue, click on the cell for the start time of the reservation against the venue you wish to book

Highlighting the venue by clicking the Dot next to the venue will enable only the cell within on that resource

Multiple Venue Rental

If you wish to rent multiple venues, click the multi-schedule icons and then click on the cell for the start time of the reservation against any of the selected venues you wish to book

2. Selecting the multi-schedule icon on the Schedule Group will select all resources in that group

Reservation Type

1. The set Resources will appear at the top of the Reservation

2. Choose Rental as your Reservation Type

3. Set the desired title for your reservation (once the reservation has been scheduled it will include the clients name in the title)

4. Set your desired Start and End times

5. (optional) Check the box next to Show On EZLeagues if you want this rental to be displayed on the EZLeagues public website. Note: This feature is only available if you have purchased the EZLeagues module.

6. Click on the Recurring header to set the reservation to happen on multiple dates OR click on the Client search header to schedule the single date/time for the reservation

Recurring Reservation

Parameters on Step 1 will be created automatically when Step 2 (Optional) is selected

1. Set your recurring reservation parameters:

  • Pattern: Options for Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • Select the date/time duration of a single reservation
  • Depending on the pattern (weekly being the most commonly used) select any other days of the week the reservation occurs at this date and time
  • Set the range of recurrence for the reservation: Number of total days or an end date to stop the reservation

2. Click on Add New occurrences

**You can repeat the process here as many times as necessary by changing the parameters as necessary to build the desired schedule

Requested Reservation Dates

Once you have added all your desired reservation dates, click on the Search for Client header

Billing the Rental

1. Choose a Pre-defined rental rate OR enter custom rate information into the fields

2. More options... lets you apply a discount during the sale, change your revenue category or apply taxes

3. Click on Add to Cart to bill the customer OR click on No Charge to create the reservation without billing (you can bill later if desired)

Invoice the Rental

1. Invoice Now by clicking on Single Invoice, this will Add the item(s) to a single invoice

If the predefined billing option in your Rental Types are Per Occurrence or Separate, the option for Multiple Invoice will appear

If the Client has an already open invoice you can add to their current open invoice

2. Invoice Later: This option allows you to leave any billing items created in your shopping cart so that you my sell other items: Other membership contracts, training packages, etc. and then bill a single client for all items


1. Take a payment

2. Print or email a copy of the invoice

3. Click Done to complete the rental process

Your reservation now appears on the schedule in the rental reservation color chosen in Rental Types with your specified title and the client's name

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