This lesson will show you how to turn the available payment methods on or off and how to set your default autopay options for your membership contracts.


Click on Administration.

Billing Administration

Click on Billing


Click on Billing Preferences

Billing Preferences

1. Checked options are active payment methods

2. Unchecked options will no longer display in the drop-down displaying your payment methods when taking a payment

Save Credit Card Info For Manual Payments

Determines the default behavior of the checkbox for saving a client's credit card info when taking a manual payment. The "Yes" and "Always Save" options will not be applied when the client already has credit card info saved and you choose to manually enter a new card.

Note that this preference only applies to manual payments and has no affect on saving credit card info for Online Registration, Self Service or Point-of-Sale

Saving your Changes

Ensure you Save your changes at the bottom of the page

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