This lesson will show you how to create a payment schedule for a client.

You can access the payment schedule options from multiple pages. The most common pages are the clients Billing or Packages pages by clicking on the Due On date listed with the invoice you wish to generate a schedule for. You can also go to the Edit Invoice page and click on the Change link next to the Due Date section. Both ways are listed below.


Click on the Clients link

Choose Client

1. Search for your client

2. Click on client's First or Last name


1. Click on Billing.

2. Click on Invoices.

3. Click on the Date in the As Of column.


4. Click on the Pencil icon to the far right.

Note: The steps below will show you how to access the payment schedule by clicking on the pencil icon. (If you click the date in the "As Of" column or go to Packages and click the date in the "Due On" column it will take you directly to the payment schedule)

Payments Due

Click the Change link next to the Payments Due section.

Payment Schedule

Click on Generate Recurring.

Generate Recurring

Enter the Starting on date, every (X)days, weeks, half months, months or years, for(X) payments.

Click on Generate Schedule.

Recurring Payment Schedule

Generated Payment Schedule.

  • A list of all your scheduled payments will appear at the top.
  • You can clear the entire payment schedule by clicking on the Clear Schedule link located at the bottom of the page.
  • Any payment already made towards that invoice will automatically appear on the payment schedule.
  • A payment of the full invoice amount will appear on the payment schedule with a date of the invoice due date. Generating a new schedule will override this pre-entered payment.
  • The total amount of payments must equal the amount due on the invoice. The Due To Date column for the last payment in the schedule MUST equal the total invoiced amount.
  • No payment dates can be set to a date before the invoice date or the schedule will not save.
  • Make sure you click on the Save button.

See steps below to find out how to add a new expected payment manually.

New Due Date & Amount

To begin adding new payments you will need to Clear the Schedule.

Enter Date & Amount

1. Enter the New Due Date.

2. Enter the New Amount Due.

3. Click Add to schedule.

Note: This example has a total balance of $96.39, therefore, we need to continue adding to the schedule before we can save.

Enter New Due Date & New Amount Due

Notice there is a $46.39 balance already entered in the new amount due field. This is what's remaining after adding our first amount due of $50.00 from our original amount of $96.39. You can enter a new due date and change the amount due.

1. Enter the New Due Date.

2. Enter the New Amount Due.

3. Click Add to schedule.

Repeat steps above until you have reached the total balance to date as $96.39. You will not be able to save until you do. See below.

(Keep in mind the amount of $96.39 is only for this example)

Save Payment Schedule

Notice our balance to date equals our original balance of $96.39.

Click Save.


Note: The Payments Due is now set to 3x by 6/7/2021

You can either Add a Payment or click Done.

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