This Lesson will show you how to properly Void an Invoice


Click on the Clients link

Choose Client

1. Search for your client

2. Click on client's First or Last name


1. Click on the client's Billing.

2. Click on Invoices.

3. Click the pencil icon to the far right, under the edit column of the invoice you wish to void.


Click the shopping cart icon to the left of the billing item.

Void Invoice

The item is removed. Click on Void Invoice.

Your billing item has been removed from the invoice, but has not been voided or reversed. From the Items tab of Billing:

1.  The item can be voided after the invoice.


2. A new invoice can be created for the item.

View Voided Invoices

To view previous invoices, select Voided Invoices in the Invoices tab of Billing.

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