This article will demonstrate how to use the new self-service video library and link the video or video preview to a specific Reservation Type.


To access and manage the Video library, Select Administration, then Self-Service, then Video Library.

Videos can be added by using the URL or by adding the HTML Code of a hosted video.

Adding a video with the URL

Locate the video you would like to add to your Video Library.

**Trainer Tip: Platforms such as Youtube and Facebook can be used to host your program videos.

Copy the URL of the selected video.

Select Video Type: URL. Add the Title to appear on the Self-Service Portal. Paste the video URL that has been copied. Select a Reservation Type to associate the video with a specific session type, then Save.

 **Trainer Note: If the videos are uploaded, but not linked to a Reservation Type, they will remain in your video library for future use. Simply select Edit to link a video to a Reservation Type at a later time.

Once the video has been added, it will appear in your Self-Service Video Library. If desired, video information can be edited. Videos can also be disabled.  Disabled videos can be included or excluded from the Video Library.

The Customer View on Self-Service

The customer will select the desired class, and will see Watch Now.

Videos can be used as a preview of a class that the customer can purchase. The correct package is linked to the class event.

Adding a Video with HTML

Videos that are hosted online can also be added to the self-service portal by embedding the HTML code.

PC Users: Select the video you would like to add. To locate the HTML, right click on the the video to copy the code.

Mac Users: Since Mac users often do not have a right click option, select the share option on the selected video. Then select Embed.


The HTML code will be visible. Select Copy. Paste the code into the Video library.

Make sure that Video Type HTML is selected. Paste the copied code into the Video Library. Link the code to a Reservation type, if desired.

Embedding the Video - PC & Mac Users

Videos saved as HTML or by adding the URL will appear the same way on the Self-Service Portal.

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