This guide will highlight the membership renewal settings and process. Memberships can be renewed automatically or manually, or the membership can conclude at the end date.

Setting the Renewal Settings on a Membership Plan

When creating a membership plan, the Auto-New fields will appear on the Plan Details tab.

There will be two settings to review:

  • Auto-Renew
  • Contract Renews as

The Auto-Renew field should be set to the time before the active contract will renew. Typically, this is set to '1' 'Day(s)' before expiration. However, this can be set according to your needs.

The Contract renews as field has two options: it can be set to Copy of itself (this is the default setting), or an active membership plan can be selected.

Accounts would want to use the Copy of itself option if they are locking in the sold membership pricing for the client it is being sold to. When a membership is sold to a client with the Copy of itself option, the membership plan will continue to renew with the originally sold membership settings until the contract for the client has been canceled or a different plan is manually selected to renew into on the client's profile. If this setting is set to a specific plan name, then when the contract renews it will pick up the most up to date information set for the plan. If facilities are looking to have their clients receive prices increases, then the Contract renews as field is typically set to the name of the membership plan, not Copy of itself.


Manually Renewing a Contract or Changing the Renewal Plan

If the client has been sold a membership, an administrator will be able to manually renew the contract for the client or change the plan the contract will renews into.

First, go to the client's profile and select the Membership tab. After, scroll to the right page and select the Pencil icon. This will allow you to edit the contract.

In the Auto-Renew section, an administrator can either change the auto-renewal settings, disable auto-renew, or renew the contract now.

If you choose to change the auto-renewal settings, you will be able to update when the contract will renew, and the plan it will renew into.

Once the changes have been made, be sure to select Save in the Auto-Renew section.

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