This lesson will show you how to add venues to schedule games against

Your Data

Click on the Venues link

Add a Venue

1. Click on the Add Venue link

2. You can also Edit or Delete existing venues

Enter Venue Details

1. Enter the name of your venue

2. If you have a EZF 4.0 or TMS/TCMS account linked to your EZLeagues account one of the indicated mapping options will appear on this page

   - Click on the venue name(s) in the list that matches the venue you are creating and click on the single arrow to move it to the mapped column.

   - This allows games scheduled against this venue in EZL to appear in your 4.0 or TMS/TCMS schedule based on the assigned mappings

3. Enter an description information about the venue that you wish to display on the EZLeagues public site

4. Click on Add Venue

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