This lesson will show you the various default options that can be applied per sport


Click on the Sports link

Sports Options

For each sport you can click on one of the following links: Settings, Standings Options or Player Stat Tables to manage the information for that specific sport

Settings - Default Settings

The settings link allows you to enter basic default information that will apply to each League or Tournament created after the options are modified

Game Length: Number of minutes the games will be played for

Player Fee: Registration cost per player (displayed on the public site)

Team Fee: Registration cost per team (displayed on the public site)

League Fees Text: Additional fee info, such as deposits, etc. (displayed on the public site)

League More Info: Additional info about the league (displayed on the public site)

Rules & Regulations: Your text for rules & regulations for this sport (displayed on the public site)

Standing Options - League Points and Standings Sorting

1. Set the league points awarded for the different game statuses

2. Choose how you wish the standings to be sorted, which columns and whether they sort Ascending or Descending

3. Click Save Changes

Standing Options - Default Standings

Each League/Tournament created will always display the default standing columns of:

Games Played (GP), Win (W), Loss (L), Tie (T), Goals For (GF), Goals Against (GA), League Points (PTS), Goal Differential (GD), Winning Percentage (WP)

If you wish to create your own standings, rename the heading text or change what columns appear as well as the order they appear in:

   - Choose the desired column and enter the heading text and click Add Column

Standing Options - Customized Standings

Change the column sort order by clicking on the Move Up button until the column is in the desired location, or click on Remove to no longer use the specified column

Player Stat Tables - Stat Table

Click on either link to create a stat table for the selected sport

Player Stat Tables - Create Stat Table

Enter the table name and the order you wish it to appear in relation to other tables for this sport and click on Add

Player Stat Tables - Add Stats

1. Click on Add Stats to enter the stats you wish to track in this table

2. Edit or Delete the table as needed

Player Stat Tables - Create Stats

Click on either link to create a stat for the selected stat table

Player Stat Tables - Stat Details

Stat Name: Enter the stat name (ex. goals, assists, etc.)

Stat Table: Choose the table this stat is assigned to

Stat Type:

   - User Entry: Number entered by scorekeeper (number of goals, saves, etc.)

   - Formula: Stat based on a formula involving several user entered stats (save percentage, goals against average, etc.)

Decimal Places: How many decimal places do you want the stat to compute or be entered as

Formula: Enter the formula for the stat. This is only used for Formula stats

Display Order:  The order you wish it to appear in relation to other stats for this sport

Click Add


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