Click on the Leagues link.

Add a League

Click on the Add League button.

League Details

Type: Type of league you wish to create: Round Robin

Name: Name of league.

Age Group: Drop-down menu of predefined age options to choose.

Season: Choose the season associated with this league (optional).

Division: Division of the league ( recreation, competitive, A or B, etc.).

Starts: First day the league begins;games will be schedule from this day forward.

Ends: Last day of the league.

Sport: Drop-down menu of predefined sports that can be associated with this league.

Teams: Choose the team option by clicking on the appropriate radio button.

   - Don't Create Teams: Allows you to manually add teams at a later date.

   - Generate Teams: Creates generic teams as placeholders until you change the name to those teams that will be participating.

   - Choose teams from Existing: Allows you to pull copies of teams that have previously participated in a league or tournament in your account.

Maximum Defaults: Limit on the total number of defaults allowed for a team during this season.

Maximum Forfeits: Limit on the total number of forfeits allowed for a team during this season.

Minimum Sportsmanship: The minimum required rating for a team to be able to continue participating in this season.

Registration Link: Copy/paste your own registration link into the field.

Enter League Details

1. Enter your league details and choose generate teams (this is an example, you can use any of the 3 options).

2. Enter the number of generic teams you wish to create.

3. Click on Add.

League Created

The edit league page is displayed once you add the league, allowing you to add teams or games or make other adjustments to the league.

1. Click on Edit League Info to change any of the information you just entered.

2. Click on Edit to check what to display on the public website or uncheck them to remove it.

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