How to Add/Update your Facility Information

This lesson will show you how to add or update the facility contact information and about us message on the EZLeagues public website

Your Website

Your Website

Under the Your Website header click on the Facility Information link

Facility Contact Information

Facility Contact Information

Fill in the fields to display the business contact information on the EZLeagues public website

** Fields with the red asterisk are required

About Us

About Us

1. Type in your desired text in the white space to create an About Us message to display on the public website

2. Choose the method of registration (This is typically set by your account manager and does not need to be changed)

   - Advanced: Provides a field for the Online Registration link to be entered and accessible as a hyperlink. (For use when you have a TMS/TCMS or 4.0 account linked with your EZLeagues account)

   - Standard: Provides a generic webform to fill out. When submitted, it will be emailed to the super user. (For use when you do not have a TMS/TCMS or 4.0 account linked with your EZLeagues)

3. Click Update to save your changes

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