How to Move a Sub Group Between Groups

This lesson will show you how to move a sub group from one group to another


Click on the Groups link

Edit Group

Find the group listed among active groups and click on the Group Name

Select a Group

1. Click on the Check Box next to the sub group(s) name that you wish to move from the current group to another group

Note: You can use the side navigation (Associated Groups) to easily access your group/subgroup located at the upper left hand corner of the group details

2. For Checked:

  • Click on the drop down.
  • Click on Move Selected Members.

3. Click on Go

Choose Group

Choose Group

Click on Choose Group

Choose Group/Subgroup

Choose Group/Subgroup

1.  Filters (Optional)

You can choose from the list of your created sessions, sports, and age/division to filter the groups.

** Sessions, Sports, Age/Divisions can be created when creating a new group or from Admin - See Group Categories.

Filter By Group Name: Allows you to type in the name of the group you're looking for.

Click on Apply.

2. Click the + sign to open the group/subgroup

* Click the - sign to close the group/subgroup


3. Click on the Goup/Subgroup

Note: Groups that are found from the filter will be highlighted in red.

       **See Filters options

Move Subgroups

Move Subgroups

Click on Move Subgroup

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