How to Move a Client Between Groups/Sub Groups

This lesson will show you how to move a client registered into a Group as an individual to another group or into a sub group


Click on the Groups link

Edit Group

Find the group listed among active groups and click on the Group Name

Group Details

1. Click on the Check Box next to the client(s) name that you wish to move from the current group to another group or to move into a sub group (this can be within the current group or another group)

2. For Checked:

  • Click on the drop-down.
  • Click on Move Selected Members.

3. Click on Go

Choose Group

Choose Group

Click on Choose Group

Choose Group/Subgroup

Choose Group/Subgroup

1. Filters (Optional)

You can choose from the list of your created sessions, sports, and age/division to filter the groups.

  • Sessions, Sports, Age/Divisions can be created when creating a new group or from Admin - See Group Categories.

Filter By Group Name: Allows you to type in the name of the group you're looking for.

Click on Apply.

2. Click the + sign to open the group/subgroup

* Click the - sign to close the group/subgroup


3. Click on the Goup/Subgroup

Note: Groups that are found from the filter will be highlighted in red.



Move Members

Move Members

Note: (optional) If you choose to move the member into another group you can check the box labeled "Update Revenue Category". A new revenue category will be assigned based on the group settings where the member was moved.

  • If you do NOT check the box it will keep the original revenue category.


Click on Move Members

Client Successfully Moved

Client Successfully Moved

The pop up will display how many clients were attempted to move with information on how many were successful or could not be moved.

** A client cannot be registered into a single Sub Group or registered at the parent group level more than one time, so you will get failure to move notifications for this reason.

Click on OK

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