How to Create a Video Library for Customers in EZFacility Classic

This guide will explore the Video Library feature on Self-Service. Videos added to the library can be used as previews and as a permanent library of your content now made available to your customers.

Locating and Setting Up the Video Library

The Video Library can be set up by going to Administration, locating the Self-Service tab, then selecting Video Library. Select Add Video to Library.

There are two ways to add videos :

Using the URL of the Video

Select the URL as the Video Type, then copy and paste to add the video's URL. Add a Title for the Video, then if desired, link it to a Reservation Type.

***Trainer Tip: The Reservation Type selected will serve as a category in the Video Library. In this example, a new Reservation Type has been created to call attention to the new online content. Customers can now easily find this content when posted on the schedule or by looking in the Video Library to see all of this video type in one place.

Adding Videos with HTML Embed Code

Uploaded videos have an embed code that can easily be found by right clicking on the video. The code is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted when adding a video to the Video Library. Make sure you have selected HTML as the Video Type.

Using Reservation Types as Filters when adding the videos will benefit the client by linking the video to the specific session type. Using Reservation Types will also allow the user to search for specific types of videos that are stored as a resource in the Video Library.

The Customer's View on Self-Service

The Video Library is now available in the left-hand Menu of the Self-Service Portal. Customers can view specific videos that are automatically sorted by the Reservation Types selected when the video was added.

The Customer can view videos that are linked to specific classes on the calendar.

Selecting Watch Now will open the video in the current calendar view.

The customer can also view all content in one place by selecting the Video Library. The videos will automatically be sorted by Reservation Types for the customer.

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