Setting Up a Self-Service Registration Redirect in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to use the Self-Service redirect link to send new registrants to a particular location. The redirect location can be different for invited clients and for public registrations.

Select Self-Service Preferences

The Registration Redirect Settings can be viewed at the bottom of the settings page

1. Select to redirect clients after public registrations

2. Select to redirect clients after invitation to register for self-service

EZFacility TMS - Google Chrome

Redirect After Public Registration

In this redirect, the goal is to send new customer to the rental options page. Add the direct link to available rentals.

To locate the desired link, select Book Rental in the left-hand menu, then copy the link from the browser. Paste the desired link in the redirect field.


Direct Client to Self-Service Public Registration Link

Use this link to direct new public registrants to the chosen link.

EZFacility TMS - Google Chrome

Once the client registers through the shared re-direct link, they will be sent to the specific page.

Welcome to Self Service - Google Chrome

Completed Registrants will be sent to the chosen landing page.

Redirect After Invitation to Self-Service

You can also direct customers after a direct invitation through EZFacility. To send an invite, select the enabled box in the client profile.

The client will receive an invitation to register.

Once the registration is complete, the customer will be directed to the page selected in your self-service preferences.

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