How to Configure Available Tabs in the Self-Service Menu using EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to customize the Self-Service Portal by disabling, enabling or automatically hiding tabs that appear in the left-hand menu.

Go to Self-Service Preferences to view the Menu Configuration.

You can view the menu options that are available to configure on the Self-Service Portal.

In this example, all options are enabled in the menu.

Self-Service with all Menu Options Enabled

In this example, Book Rental and Registrations have been disabled.

The Customer View with Menu Options Disabled

Automatic Disable of Tabs

This Menu Configuration feature will automatically hide a menu tab if there are no available options. In this example, Book Rental is enabled as a visible tab. At this time, all availability of online rentals have been turned off, so the Book Rental tab is hidden for the customer.

Book Rental is enabled in the menu. Rentals will only be visible if the facility has rental options set to available.

***Trainer Note - this feature will not hide the Book Rental option if there are no available rental dates within the visible rental range.

Online Rental availability is set within the Rental Type. These options are available if the Allow users to book rentals online box is enabled in the Enable Self Service settings.

***Trainer note - settings for each specific Rental Type are set under the wrench setting for each Rental Type.

EZFacility TMS - Google Chrome

'The Book Rental tab automatically hides from the customer's view when all Rental Types are set to 'Do not allow booking'. Enabling 'Allow Booking' for just one Rental Type would make the Book Rental tab visible again on Self-Service.

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