How To Create a Three Games Guaranteed Schedule - 8 Team Tournament

This guide will demonstrate how to generate a three games guaranteed tournament schedule.

Note: Three Games Guaranteed is designed specifically for 8 Team Tournaments only


Click on the Tournaments link

Edit Tournament

Click on the Edit link for the tournament to be scheduled.

Generate Schedule

Click on Generate Schedule

Scheduling Wizard

The Scheduling Wizard will open in a new window displaying 5 tabs signifying each step of the wizard.

1. Select the Tournament(s) to be scheduled.

Note: The tournament used to access Generate Schedule will be automatically selected.

2. Click Next: Set Locations

Select Location(s)

1. Check the box(es) of those Locations (Venues) required to schedule this tournament(s) games.

2. Click on Next: Set Weekdays

Select the Dates To Schedule

1. Select the Dates to Schedule - Select the dates games are to be played on

2. Select Game Time Slots -Select the earliest available start time and click Add Time Slot. Game times automatically increment after each click of Add Time Slot (selected time slots will appear below). The next step is to determine what game times are available for each date selected above.

3. Click Next: Adjust Settings

Specify Bracket Preferences

1. Lower Bracket Scheduling:

  • AB/BA will swap a team from the top to the bottom of the next bracket if they lose (common practice)
  • AB/AB will keep teams in the same location in the brackets (rarely used)

2. Keep Winning Teams On The Same Field - If enabled, winning teams will be assigned to home fields when possible.Turning this off allows best use of time.

3. Region Settings - Edit the Region name by clicking the Pencil icon.

4. Round Settings -Edit Round name(s) by clicking the Pencil icon.

5. Click Next: Preview Pairings

Bracket Pairings

1. Review bracket. If any changes need to be made, return to the desired step(s) using the navigation bar above, or by clicking the Prev: Adjust Settings button to return to the step just prior.

2. Click Next: Create Bracket to finalize the tournament, create the bracket and view the public site.

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