Using Bluetooth Scanners

This article will describe Bluetooth scanner functionality in the Point of Sale and Client Check in.  This article will also provide supported models of Bluetooth scanners.

How to Setup the Bluetooth Scanner - Mobile Devices

Connect the Bluetooth scanner in the settings of your mobile device with the standard process of finding and connecting a Bluetooth peripheral.

***Trainer Tip - The default connection mode for supported Bluetooth scanners is called Bluetooth HID mode (Human Input Device).

- Make your Bluetooth scanner discoverable (Most scanners will automatically be  discoverable when powered on.)

For iOS Devices:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Toggle on Bluetooth
  3. When it discovers the scanner, tap it to connect

For Android Devices:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Bluetooth / Connected Devices menu
  3. Tap + for Pair New Device
  4. When scanner appears, select it to connect


How to Enable the Mobile Device Keyboard During Scanner Use

Because these peripherals are viewed as connected inputs, most devices like iPads and Android tablets will hide the virtual keyboard while the HID input is connected.

If you are using the SocketScan, Tera or Piranha scanners, here is how to enable the keyboard:

  • SocketScan: double-press main button on scanner
  • Tera Scanner: double-click the trigger on scanner
  • Piranha Scanner: click function button on scanner

Repeating the same action listed above can be used to show and hide the on-screen keyboard as needed.


Supported Models of Bluetooth Scanners

SocketScan® S700 Linear Barcode Scanner – Socket Mobile - Google Chrome
Tera Wireless 1D 2D QR Bluetooth Barcode Scanner industrial barcode scanner with stand,item product factory inventory Bar Code Reader – Teradigital - Google Chrome

3. Best Minimalist/UK Option - Newland Piranha BS8060 Handheld Scanner


BS8060 Piranha - Newland - Google Chrome

***Trainer Tip - The supported scanners are also compatible with desktop or laptop computers over a USB connection. The Tera Scanner also offers an optional wi-fi adapter for a wireless use of the scanner.

***Trainer Tip - Both Socketscan and Tera models offer optional stand accessories for use in continuous mode to all customer to check themselves in at the front desk.

Product Scanning in the Point of Sale

  • Because these scanners will be connected in HID mode over Bluetooth, the search fields in Point of Sale for products and checkin, will feel the same as using a scanner on desktop.
  • Use of the scanners with the Point of Sale will not automatically trigger the virtual keyboard.
  • Products search / SKU scan will automatically receive focus after logging in. Each successful scan will result in product being added to cart and search field obtaining focus for the next scanner use.
  • Each failed scan (SKU not found) will result in a notification and field obtaining focus to scan again.
  • The Point of Sale will detect in the product search whether a search is being typed to filter the product choices (buttons) or scanned to directly add a product to cart.
  • When scanning is detected, buttons will go back to regular view while the product is added to cart.

Check in Scanning in the Point of Sale

  • Check-In scan is similar to product SKU scan, but with a simpler result after success / failure.
  • Opening Check-In Window will put focus the Client Search automatically and be ready for scanning.
  • This search field can be used with manual typing of client names or scanning of their tag / member card. (Similar to products in the Point of Sale)
  • When scanning in clients, it will attempt check-in automatically if the client is found. The field will also obtain focus again after a client is found and checked in or not found. The scanner is immediately ready to scan again.


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