How to Set Up your Staff Check-In Settings in EZFacility Classic

This lesson will show you how to set up your check-in settings to set various settings associated with client check-ins.



Click on Administration


Click on Check-In

Check-In Settings

Check-In Settings

Client Details: Only when the logged in User does not have the 'Full Details on Check-in' permission do the following settings take effect. These settings determine whether or not the listed information is shown or hidden on the check-in window after a client is checked in.

1. New Feature: Show Date of Birth - By default this option will be set to Yes and will display in the Check-In window. Selecting No will remove the Birthday from the Check-In window.

Apply Access Control Rules To Check In: By enabling this option, a client's access status (including the above rules if the client is set to 'rules-based') will be evaluated when they check in using the check-in window. If a client is denied access, their membership will not deduct a visit and the check-in window will alert you that the client is denied. This option will not effect any actual access control devices that your facility may use.

Click on Save

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