Report on billing that is not fully paid, or was not fully paid on a specific date



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Underpaid Items

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Generate Report

Generate Report

1. Show items that were not fully paid as of - Items with a revenue date later than this will be excluded. Payments received later than this will not be counted toward the amount paid for each item.

2. Include items not on invoice? - Items that have been billed but not invoiced (left in the shopping cart).

3. Include items on paid-todate invoices? - If you choose no, if an invoice was paid up on this date according to its payment schedule, none of its items will be included, even if the items were not fully paid. This can happen when the invoice's payment schedule does not match the dates and amounts of the items, or when payments are applied to later items before they are applied to earlier ones.

4. Include items on future invoices? - If you choose no, items will not be included if they are on an invoice that is dated later than the as-of date.

Click on Generate Report.

Generated Report

Generated Report

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Note: You can export this report by selecting a format and clicking export.


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