EZFacility's deposits report is an excellent resource to see the total number of transactions, payments, and refunds that have been processed within a given date range. This report will help you reconcile your EZFacility account with your bank account and allow you to drill down to find specific transactions that may have occurred during this date range.

To access the deposit report, go to Reports > Select 'Financial' > Select 'View' on the right side of the page next to the Deposits description.

Once on the Deposits report, you can choose the date range you want to search for. After selecting the date range, select the 'Generate Report' button. You can also select 'More Options' for a more customizable report.

After the report is generated, you can see the total transactions grouped by payment method. It will show the amount of 'deposits' (payments), refunds, and the net amount. 

When reviewing the report, you may see 'voided' payments. These transactions were removed by a user of the account.

Please note: To find the net total you must deduct the refund total from the deposit total.

Selecting the 'Show Details' button will expand each section. When expanded, the report will display the following:

  • Payment Date
  • Client Name
  • Member Number
  • Payment Type
  • Comments
  • Collected By
  • Total Payment
  • Amount Applied
  • Amount Unused

All financial reports can be exported out of EZFacility by selecting the disc icon. We recommend exporting the information into a CSV file to best sort or edit the data.

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