Trainer Payroll/Commission Report

Generate a payroll and commission report by trainer within a given date.


Click on the Reports Link

Trainer Payroll/Commission Report

Click on Trainer Payroll/Commission Report

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Trainer Commission

Trainer Commission

1. Select the trainer whose report you wish to run: allows you to choose a specific trainer to report on.

2. Select desired Start Date.

3. Select desired End Date.

4. (optional) Please select how you would like session details organized: (By client is available only for trainers paid per attendee.)

5. (optional) Please enter any additional income amounts: (carries, etc.) allows you to enter an amount for additional income to reported on.

6. Calculate commission from: Invoiced amount or Paid amount.

7. Click on Generate Report.

Generated Report

Generated Report

The employee’s rates are based upon the information entered on the Location and Trainer Setup page.  See How to Add or Edit a Trainer for further information.

* Trainer Payroll/Commission will only calculate upon completed sessions.

Note: You can export this report by selecting a format and click export.

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