Account Administrators can create Reservation Types to indicate the different types of programs their facility will book and sell to clients.  Reservation Types define the options that appear in the Reservation Types drop-down menu when scheduling a reservation, and in the Reservation Type menu when selling a package to a client.



Click on Administration

Reservation Types

Click on Packages

EZ Facility

Click on Reservation Types

Session Types

Click Add Reservation Type

EZ Facility

Use the following options to create a new Reservation Type:

- Reservation Type sets the name that will appear for this Reservation Type

- Class Size sets the default for how many participants can sign up for a reservation of this type (does not apply to rentals)

- Revenue Category sets the default Revenue Category for packages or rentals of this type

- Can Schedule sets whether this will appear in the Reservation Type drop-down menu when creating a reservation

- Can Sell sets whether packages will be sold for this Reservation Type

- Color: Choose a custom color for the reservation type.

- Res. Category: Reservation Categories allow you to group related Reservation Types to be displayed and organized together for MemberMe.

- Default Allow Free Bookings: Setting a Reservation Type to "Default Allow Free Bookings" will allow a session, by default, to offer the ability to register a client without needing to have a package. With this option turned off you will have to toggle "Allow Free Bookings" at the session level.

EZ Facility

Click Add Reservation Type to save your Reservation type or Cancel Add to delete.

1. Use the Up and Down  Arrows to change the order as it appears on the list.

2. To edit an existing session type, use the Pencil icon to the right and use the Update Reservation Type to save your changes.

3. For facilities that use Self Service, click the Gear icon to set the online booking options for Reservation Types.

4. Use the Trash Can to delete session type.

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