This guide will demonstrate how to share a package and show how the package plans can be accessed through Self-Service. The share feature is used to add specific clients to a purchased package plan. Plans can be shared with related or non-related clients who are authorized to use it.

How to Book Sessions Using Shared Package Plans through Self-Service

When clients have a relationship tied together, any of the clients can log-into self-service to access and book sessions using the shared package plan. This can also be used as a option for parents to log-into their self-service account, and select their children's profile to book them into sessions without having to log-in with the child's information.

Log-into Self-Service.

Select the session you would like to book into, or the session you would like to book a related client who you share a package with.

After updating the 'Book For' field, you will be able to select 'Book' to reserve a spot in the session for the selected client.

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