This lesson will teach you how to remove and refund a package from a clients profile.


Go to Clients

Click on the client's First or Last Name

1. Go to the client's Packages tab.

2. Locate the package you want to delete and click on the Trash Can icon.

***Trainer Tip: Find the scroll bar on the bottom to move the package box.

Confirm the package delete.

A billed package will ask what would you like to do with the billing?

Reverse the billing - This will put any money paid towards the item onto the client's account to either make another purchase or to be refunded.

Delete the package but leave the billing - Keep the invoice and payments, deletes the item

Show me the billing. Do not delete the package now - Brings you to the invoice the item is on.

Cancel the delete and do nothing - The package remains the same.

If you choose to reverse the billing, a window popup will ask for the reason and change revenue date.

Reversing will effectively undo this billing by creating a second item of the opposite amount.
This is the recommended way to completely "unbill" something you have sold.

The original payment will stay on the invoice with the original item and its corresponding reversal and can be found in the Payments tab of Billing.

You will see any unapplied payments  go to On Account on the client's profile

To refund, select refund on the on account box

The popup window for record a new payment will appear with the client's name, date issued, a negative amount, original payment method and the newly selected refund payment method.

Choose your refund payment method

Select Issue Refund

If a new item is sold while the client still has money on account that will be chosen as the default payment method

Depending on the amount on account, it will fill in the payment with the balance amount of the new item.

The remaining amount not used will stay on account.

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